Building Block 1: ‘How I work’

I very recently shared the 6 building blocks (link in comments) I’ve been using across my client work (and with myself), and I plan to click into each of the blocks over a few posts.

I’ll start with ‘𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐈 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐤’.

This building block weighs a little more than the others. It encompasses a lot (like, a lot-a lot), and requires some discovery work (with a coach…hint, hint) for you to understand more fully what’s in yours. But, it can also be simplified to an extent by thinking about how you might describe to others that which they will observe in you – or experience with you – when you are doing your best individual work. Things like your…

➡Personal purpose, vision, mission, values

➡Personality, characteristics, traits, qualities

➡History, experience

➡Habits, preferences, strategies, rituals

➡Strengths, capabilities

➡Methods, practices, workflows


➡Learning style

➡Communication style

➡Creativity accelerators, blockers

➡Overall working style


➡Cultural context

➡Drivers & Motivators


‘How I work’ exists in relationship the other building blocks, and you’ll find some of its components threaded through each (e.g. several of the components above are also important to ‘How I work with others’).

And, importantly, our ‘How I work’ block is always evolving as we build with it, as we grow and learn, as we take on new roles and challenges, as our context changes, etc. ‘How I work’ today may not be how I work a few years from now.

So, why does this matter?

Because, understanding how we work as individuals AND being able to express that to others (managers, leaders, peers, employees, et al) proactively is key to building with this block the environments (physical, virtual, experiential and otherwise) with the conditions needed for us to do our best work more often. And that leads to all sorts of goodness.

Now, how are you building with your ‘How I work’ building block?

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Robert is an credentialed leadership coach, facilitator, advisor and consultant with three-plus decades serving in corporate and industry leadership roles within the Technology, Real Estate and Financial Services sectors. Robert keeps a particular focus on employee experience and the ‘workplace’ — physical, experiential and otherwise — and their role in unleashing human potential.

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