Six Building Blocks of #HarnessingNext

In my desire to help simplify somewhat the work of making things better for work, workers and workplace, I have broken that work — or at least my portion of it — into six basic building blocks that I use with my clients (and myself):

1. How I work

2. How enabled I am to do my work

3. How I feel about my work

4. How I work with others

5. When I work

6. Where I work

Each of these blocks has a universe within them to explore.

Each of these blocks exists in relationship with the others.

None of these blocks is exclusive to any one field of study, department, function, discipline or specialty.

All of these blocks matter IF we believe the person at the center of the work matters.

In my leadership coaching work, I am often building together with my clients using the four blocks of ‘How I work’, ‘How I feel about my work’, ‘How I work with others’ & ‘How Enabled I am to do my work’.

In my advisory and consulting work, I tend to use the other two blocks as well.

Many in my feed seem content to build with just the ‘Where I work’ block. I will continue to encourage them to try to build with a few more.

Which of these blocks are you building with?

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Robert is an credentialed leadership coach, facilitator, advisor and consultant with three-plus decades serving in corporate and industry leadership roles within the Technology, Real Estate and Financial Services sectors. Robert keeps a particular focus on employee experience and the ‘workplace’ — physical, experiential and otherwise — and their role in unleashing human potential.

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