We help you be more intentional about your next...


It's time to lean forward, learn forward & lead forward.

We believe the future of work — the future of anything, really — is built from many important ‘nexts’. We help you be intentional about each of yours.



We love to coach individuals and small groups, when coaching makes sense. We also advise when our point of view and input is helpful. And, we consult when our subject matter expertise is needed. 

We like to explore the work and workplace intangibles – purpose, values, culture, brand and so on – to get below the surface of the work.  We lean into the building of strengths-based capabilities in those we support and in ourselves. We are continuously expanding ourselves through learning, teaching, mentoring, and coaching, and we truly enjoy helping others, especially those early in their career, become their best professional selves.



We are proud to bring diverse and well-rounded backgrounds to our work, made up of decades of senior-level experience in the financial services, commercial real estate and technology sectors. Collectively, we possesses a healthy dose of EQ, strong business acumen, and the ability to speak fluent CFO, CIO and CHRO, among others.

Now to Future v3

Our Our Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

Our Purpose: We help to unleash human potential, one person at a time.  

Our Vision: We see a future where work is far more loved than loathed.  

Our Mission: We help leaders create great work experiences for the people they serve.  

Our Values:

  • We Serve others; that is our core product
  • We believe in the power of Listening
  • We strive to be deeply Curious
  • We practice Humility in all we do
  • We start & end with Trust 

Our Founder

Robert Teed

Work & Place Thinker | Strategic Advisor | Leadership & Executive Coach | Consultant | Board Member | Tagger of #HarnessingNext