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Robert Teed

Work & Place Thinker | Strategic Advisor | Leadership & Executive Coach | Consultant | Board Member | Tagger of #HarnessingNext

I help leaders create great people-centered work & place experiences. 

Over my three-plus decades serving in corporate and industry leadership roles, I’ve learned that I am at my best when I am helping others do their best work. Today, I do this mostly through leadership & executive coaching; learning facilitation; strategic advisory, consulting and thought-leadership. I possess a healthy dose of EQ, while also having a strong business acumen and the ability to speak CFO, CIO and CHRO, among others.  A common theme across my portfolio of work is a focus on uncovering and leveraging the strengths inherent in the individuals, teams, and organizations I work with, serve and support.  

Time to talk? Please see my calendar

Questions, Speaking Engagements & Other Inquiries:  Please email me


My Portfolio of Work

I help leaders to become great coach-leaders.
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Select Clients: Co-Founder & COO, Early Stage Tech (45 yrs); Co-Founder & COO, Pre-IPO FinTech (35 yrs); Partner, Professional Services (38 yrs); CEO, Boutique Consulting firm (50 yrs); Project Manager, Fortune 500 Tech (40 yrs); SVP, Top Tier Real Estate Services (35 yrs); Regional Leader, Fortune 500 Tech (45 yrs); Director, Fortune 500 Tech (40 yrs); VP, Fortune 500 FinServ (40 yrs).

I have embraced leadership and executive coaching as part of my management and leadership approach for the better part of a decade. As a corporate executive, I discovered coaching to be something I truly enjoyed as demand for my ‘services’ began to include peers and others in increasing numbers.  In 2020, I decided to seek industry certification and to launch my formal coaching practice.  Today, individual and team coaching accounts for upwards of 25% of my work.

I coach from a place of curiosity and active inquiry, and not from a place of advice-giving or subject matter expertise; that is what separates my coaching work from my advisory and consulting work.

My typical client is a successful professional who has a strong interest in becoming a next-level leader, and/or who needs help getting un-stuck.  And, most importantly, is one who comes to coaching willingly.

My coaching unfolds through a disciplined focus on unlocking what is already inherently in my clients, whether that be strengths, direction, answers and so on.  My clients set the destination; I help with the navigation.  And while I do focus on coaching the whole person, I do not offer life-coaching; my intent is to help my clients be their best professional selves.


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“When you walk into a coaching session with Robert, be prepared to go on a wonderful journey of understanding who you are as a leader. His coaching style is very effective, and it enables me to find answers and solutions for critical milestones in my career. Before working with him I didn’t know how big of a difference it makes when someone is really coaching you vs. advising.


Coaching with Robert empowered me to choose my own direction confidently and work toward goals that are more aligned with my interest and long-term purpose. Coaching conversations with him helped me in cutting out the noise and focus on the things that really matter.


He is so present in every session and gently guides me in finding my voice without generalizing or judging. I am so grateful that I have Robert as my coach, friend, and mentor. I can’t recommend him enough as a coach – he brings the best out of you!”


V.J., 35, Senior Manager, Business Continuity Management, Fortune 500 Technology Company



“Robert’s coaching has enabled me to uncover powerful insights to help me reach key decisions, decipher limiting beliefs that have often been holding me back, and how I frame what success looks like for me in my role and career. He creates a trusted and safe environment and I end every call feeling more confident and excited to deliver my best. I can’t recommend Robert enough as a coach and thought partner to anyone looking to grow as a person and a leader.”


S.K., 38, Director, Google



“Being coached by Robert has enabled me to shape and implement a set of professional objectives that have improved my performance as a leader.  The coaching tools provided by Robert were fundamental in helping me define my professional purpose (My Why) at this stage in my career. 


Robert has empowered me to clearly identify the areas to focus on to bring the greatest benefit to my current role and career development.  He has a remarkable ability to ask the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection, which led to positive change.  


If you are seeking guidance on defining your Why and Next career move, I highly encourage you to invest in yourself by reaching out to Robert!”


M.V., 43, Corporate Real Estate, Regional Portfolio Leader, Technology Company


“Working with Robert has been so impactful for me and my evolution as a leader. He has helped me hone in on my leadership style, take charge of my calendar and set boundaries, and gain better work life balance and lower stress levels by helping me focus my energies in the right places with my team and in my organization. He has helped me to better identify the value that I bring in my role and to better understand what my work product is as a leader. Robert is completely focused on my outcomes and progress and I am always so impressed with how focused and prepared he is for our sessions. I would absolutely recommend Robert as a leadership coach—or as I like to think of him—as a work therapist. I look forward to continuing my work with Robert!”


B.D., 42, Head of Workplace Strategy & Change Management, Industry-Leading Life Sciences Company


“I found Robert Teed through my network on LinkedIn and was impressed by his background and coaching program.


When we first met, I was going through several changes in my career, personal loss, and navigating what was next professionally.  Robert was kind and patient with me. In addition, he helped me maintain accountability and discipline in pursuing several personal and professional options. These ideas felt disparate at times – but they weren’t – themes were emerging. Together we connected the dots and made sense of everything. 


After many years in senior leadership roles, a specific challenge was finding work that I both loved and could be lucrative financially. Robert helped me understand myself better, cultivating a better lens for seeing how I could play into my strengths to create the right opportunities for success.

While I had always been successful in my career, seeing myself engaged in work that fit my natural talents and that I genuinely enjoyed was something new.  We are always young enough to continue evolving and giving in ways that make us and our part of the world better and happier.


As the old saying goes, you are never starting over. Instead, today you bring to your life an entirely new perspective and set of experiences that change who you are and what you can see and accomplish.

Never give up – the journey is worth it, and if you need help navigating the road ahead, get some help. You deserve it, and I could not recommend anyone higher than Robert Teed.”


K.R., 50, Founder & CEO, Boutique Professional Services Firm


“I have worked with Robert for 3 years and in that time I have jumped 4 job levels within my same company. This would not have been possible without his coaching. Each session exponentially sped up my learning curb to adapt to that next level of leadership and competence, as well as navigating the political environment.

Working with Robert has spoiled me from working with other coaches. He has masterfully taken numerous tools and made them his own, so that he doesn’t appear to have a discernable system he follows. Rather, he is present and conversational. During a coaching session, we will be pleasantly chatting, and next thing I know he has elicited from me clarity on where I have been stuck or frustrated, magically pulled out a model or worksheet that explains it all, and somehow I am hearing the solution/next steps coming out of my mouth. That is to say, he brings the right level of guidance that empowers you to get to the answer.

Besides his technical acumen, Robert really cares about the success and wellbeing of his clients. I feel seen and valued for my uniqueness. This in itself has been an incredible catalyst for positive change in my life.


In the time that I worked with Robert, I have had coaching opportunities through my work. Invariably I find them sterile and locked into a script. I didn’t experience those transformational conversations and were not worth the time investment.


Robert is a brilliant coach, but I should caution, he is for people who are ready to face themselves. You have to be ready to question what drives you and where you want to go and be ready to change yourself to get there. Otherwise, you can just go to another coach.”


Chief of Staff, 43,  ServiceNow

As a strategic advisor, I tend to work with earlier-stage companies who are making an impact in and around the employee experience and the workplace.  I currently sit on the advisory boards of:




My prior advisory boards include:


As a consultant, I work with enterprises of all shapes and sizes in their quest to create human-centric workplaces (in the broadest sense of the word ‘workplaces’).  I have a particular focus on helping shape the post-pandemic workplace, less from a physical perspective and more from an experiential one.

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About me

  • Principles of You Archetype: Growth Seeker
  • StrengthsFinder Themes: Maximizer, Strategic, Analytical, Relator, Achiever
  • Social Styles theme: primary = Analytical, secondary = Driver/Amiable (tied)
  • StandOut Strength Roles: Teacher & Stimulator
  • Integri Group, LLC

Founder & Chief Coaching Officer (March 2004 – Present)

Executive Coach (July 2022 – Present)

  • CoreNet Global – Northern California Chapter
    • Facilitator & Coach, Leadership Development Program (Feb 2022 – Present)
    • Board Member (April 2020 – March 2022)
    • President (April 2019 – March 2020)
    • Executive Vice President (April 2018 – March 2019)
    • CoreNet Apprentice Program (CAP) Co-Chair (December 2013 – April 2018)
  • ServiceNow
    • VP, Corporate Services (February 2020 – May 2021)
    • VP, Real Estate & Workplace (June 2016 – February 2020)
  • DocuSign

VP, Real Estate & Workplace Services (October 2014 – June 2016)

  • Polycom

VP, Workplace Solutions (July 2010 – October 2014)

  • Symantec

Sr Director, Global Facilities (August 2007 – July 2010)

  • University of California, Berkeley

Instructor (May 2007 – July 2010)

  • Trammell Crow/CBRE

SVP & Alliance Director (January 2005 – August 2007)

  • Cushman & Wakefield

National Operations Executive/Sr Portfolio Manager (July 2001 – January 2005)

  • Day One Group (first true start-up; poorly timed)

Vice President, Client Solutions (January 2001 – July 2001)

  • ProBusiness

Corporate Real Estate Executive (January 2000 – January 2001)

  • Providian Financial

Director, Facilities Management & Various (December 1996 – January 2000)

  • DataQuest/Gartner Group

Director, Facilities Management (June 1996 – December 1996)

  • Providian Financial (first real job!)

Various (March 1988 – June 1996)Leaders

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